Psychological Testing

An accurate diagnosis is the goal of all psychological testing and leads naturally into appropriate therapy for each case. Patients are given tentative diagnoses by their therapist, with each reviewed and confirmed by one of our psychologists.

However, assessment has many uses, including diagnoses for children who may have ADHD, anxiety, or a number of disorders beginning in childhood. Adults may need assessment to qualify for career or job positions. Some adults have undiagnosed ADHD, and assessment can help with confirming a diagnosis. Our psychologists also work with physicians to help clients decide whether medication can help their functioning.

The Acacia Center offers testing on all ages of individuals, from newborns to the elderly. Testing may be done in the office or in a nursing facility setting. All types of testing are offered, including intelligence testing, memory testing, achievement testing, testing for ADHD, fit-for-duty testing, and general interest testing to help the client decide on a career path. Candidates for bariatric surgery must also undergo psychological testing, and the Acacia Center offers this upon referral from the surgeon or surgery center.

Most insurances will pay for assessment that is referred from a school or physician. If you have a child that you feel has ADHD, we begin with our usual client intake for a preliminary diagnosis and move on from there. We also accept private pay for testing, with fees dependent on the instruments used.

To get started with any type of assessment, call for an appointment and tell our office assistant you would like to talk to someone about testing.

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